Friends and Colleagues

Jo Whiteley

Jo creates stylish and contemporary tableware, restaurant orders, dinner services, large bowls, decorative items, salt pigs, oil pourers and much more from her workshop in East Devon.


Schneider is a ceramic artist, living and working in South East London. Currently she is developing non-functional sculpture works which can be seen on her website, She works with high fired stoneware and porcelain clays, using hand painted monoprint slip transfers, which are applied at wet stage. At North Street Potters she primarily sells her small range of animal tableware. These are thrown mugs and bowls, which are glazed in high fired stoneware glazes.

Cressida Borrett

Cressida believes that life is far too short for washing up or saving things for best so she makes all her functional pots in stoneware or porcelain. Because it is stronger than earthenware it can put it in the dishwasher, oven and microwave, and it will be more resilient to chips etc. All Cressida's pots are thrown or hand built by her, in Kingston, using slips, underglazes and oxides for the designs and most of the work is glazed. Cressida finds inspiration in plants in her garden (alliums) and walks at weekends with family and dogs (cow parsley) she loves texture and has a large collection of objects which she uses to make marks on clay.

Liz Vidal

Liz's work is often focused on decoration and an on-going fascination with the technique Sgraffito. She primarily works with porcelain - utilising it's clean, white qualities as a blank canvas upon which to paint coloured slips and underglazes. After working at the Gaya Ceramic Art Centre in Bali for 6 months, Liz is currently travelling in Australia and working with as many potters as she can along the way.

Bridget Williams

Most of my work is thrown on the wheel using red earthenware clay to make pots for everyday use. Shapes range from large bowls and platters to teapots, jugs, mugs and egg cups. I use the pots as a canvas to which I apply coloured slips under a transparent glaze and fire to 1120. Designs evolve over the years, the constant colour being a cobalt blue slip in varying intensities, onto which I might paint, slip trail, sponge, draw or add imagery by using paper stencils or latex resist. ‚Äč I am a member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen.

Debbie Randall

I studied ceramics at Camberwell college. I am influenced by Japanese & Chinese ceramics. I Work in stoneware & porcelain, mainly domestic forms but sculptural one off pieces too. Have been working with NSP since 1998.

Lucy Cobb

Lucy studied ceramics and sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art.
Discovering the North Street Potters, brought her full circle back to working with clay. On finishing a one year apprenticeship, Lucy fell in love with the wheel and is now predominantly making hand thrown tableware and exploring glazes.

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian has been making pots since he was 10. In 2015 he discovered North Street Potters and decided to leave a corporate role to become a full time potter. Adrian primarily makes tableware but is also interested in creating large sculptural pieces.